Relaxing Your Hair Isn’t As Bad As They Say


There is so many things that come with relaxed hair. Especially comments from peers. That’s the big one that comes with it. I’ve always had peers ask, “Do you relax your hair?!” “Wow is it even all YOUR hair, like it grows from your scalp?!” “Oh my gosh can I see your roots?!” And while you so kindly respond yes to all these questions that you truly don’t feel like answering, you wonder why you even continue to relax your hair in the first place. “You’re going to go bold!” “That is so unhealthy for your hair!” “But curls look so pretty!” I DO NOT CARE. I DO NOT CARE. I DO NOT CARE!

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Meal Prepping 101: The Easy Way

If there’s something I love during the week besides going to work (haha sarcasm), it’s already having dinner cooked and already having my lunch packed at the beginning of the week. Ugh. You don’t understand how much stress it takes off my shoulders to get home and not have to cook dinner. Meal prepping…. Is a life safer! So I’m going to teach you how to meal prep! Or maybe just give you some tips on how I do it. Well to the best of my ability. It’s easier, healthier, and saves you TONS of money! Need I go on for all the reasons meal prepping IS FOR EVERYBODY?! Remember, I am not a professional so I’ll show you what I’ve learned from research, friends, and practice!

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