Relaxing Your Hair Isn’t As Bad As They Say


There is so many things that come with relaxed hair. Especially comments from peers. That’s the big one that comes with it. I’ve always had peers ask, “Do you relax your hair?!” “Wow is it even all YOUR hair, like it grows from your scalp?!” “Oh my gosh can I see your roots?!” And while you so kindly respond yes to all these questions that you truly don’t feel like answering, you wonder why you even continue to relax your hair in the first place. “You’re going to go bold!” “That is so unhealthy for your hair!” “But curls look so pretty!” I DO NOT CARE. I DO NOT CARE. I DO NOT CARE!

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Guide to Longer, Stronger, Healthier Hair!

Have you always wanted long, beautiful, healthy hair? But it’s still short, brittle, and unmanageable? Been there, done that! After joining the military and getting to bootcamp, they did “the chop”. The man who cut my hair did a terrible job. He just chopped it off and didn’t do it in any style or way. Towards the end of my time in bootcamp, my friends grabbed sewing scissors (it was all we had!) and did the best they could to make my hair even and semi-decent again so that when my parents saw me they wouldn’t see the disaster of my haircut. After this all happened, I would look at all these pictures of beautiful girls with beautiful long hair, and I envied them. Why doesn’t my hair get that long? Why doesn’t my hair look that good? I’d wish it would grow faster!  So I started trying different thing that were recommended to me by my wonderful hair stylist, and a few friends with long hair. Try these few things, and you will be on your way to long hair in no time! Oh, the glorious feeling of hope, right?!

1.) Coconut Oil is your friend!

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