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4 Scary Feelings You Have Before Getting Married

4 scary feelings you have before getting married

If you are getting married soon, CONGRATS! Getting married is a big deal, and  it’s such a beautiful thing. You are two people becoming one, and joining two paths into one.

Before I got married, I went through a lot of emotions. A lot of ups, downs, sides to sides, yes, no… Everything. I went through everything.

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How We Saved $10,000 For Our Wedding In 6 Months!


Did you just find out you’re getting married?
Are you in a time crunch for saving money fast?
Well congratulations! (On being engaged and finding the One)

Getting married is such a fun and exciting thing! It’s just so… reviving and fresh. It’s really something to look forward to. So enjoy every step of the way, take a million pictures throughout the whole thing, and try to remember why you guys love each other because you will want to pull out your hair in the process!

What I Did First

-FREAK OUT! Like big time. I was like, oh… my…. gosh! I’m getting married! HOW AM I GOING TO AFFORD IT! I was getting married in 7 months, and needed to figure out how in the world we were going to afford it!

Expenses I Thought About Off The Top Of My Head

-Wedding Dress
-Travel Expenses (I had a destination wedding)
-Hair & Makeup
-Groom clothing (he ended up in uniform anyway)

Holy crap, love… is money.

But really… It isn’t. Don’t believe that, that was just what went through my mind at the time. So we started off by setting a budget.


By the time I had figured all of this out (our budget and whatever) we had 6 months left to save.



So this is how we started:

Minimizing ALL expense. I mean everything and everywhere. If you really want to save for your wedding, prepare to not do anything… I mean anything… No going out, no eating out. Here’s a list of expenses we were able to cut:

+Gym Membership: That freed up $25 a month. Cancelled that, and started doing at home workouts, and running a lot to stay in shape for the wedding obviously.
+Cable: Freed $60 a month. We completely cut cable and got Netflix. No Hulu, no anything. Just Netflix. You can do it, it’s just a few months.
+Cheaper Internet: Freed $20 a month. Do I even have to explain this? Basic package. Or… just go to the library for free internet.
+Spotify: There goes another $10 a month. Cancelled this subscription!
+iTunes: No more buying songs or apps for the next few months!
+Cell Phones: Saving $40 a month. Switched to a company that provided cancellation fee coverage.
+Insurance: Saving $100 a month. I called my insurance company and said I was canceling. They offered me every discount in the book to keep me as a customer and viola! Cheaper insurance now.
+Pizza Friday: Saved $20 a weekend, which amounted to about $60 a month. This was the hardest thing for us to do. 🙁
+Laundry Saturday: This saved  a LOT on our water bill. Did you know that water is more expensive on Saturday? So we started Laundry Wednesday instead.
+Disconnecting Plugs: Saved SO much on our light bill. Whatever we weren’t using around the house was disconnected. Coffee Pot. Toaster. Toaster Oven. Lamps. TV. Chargers. You name it. Turn off lights. Stop charging your phone as soon as it is done. We saved a lot on our electric bill by doing this.
+Grocery Cut Back: Saved $100 a month doing this. Use coupons, and stop with the Junky Snacks, Frozen Foods. No more of any of that!
+Eating Out: Saved us about $200-$300 a month, not even kidding. No eating out for lunch, no eating out on the weekends, no eating out at all.
+Minimum Payments: I know, I know, it’s horrible. Minimum payments on your credit cards, on all of your bills. To save as much as you can, you have to pay the minimum amount that you can on your bills.


That is about $5,000 that we were able to put back in 6 months from literally just cutting back on everything and anything that we could!

That’s on top of money that we were ALREADY putting in savings every month. Because we already had an emergency fund and this was our new savings goal, we started putting the money that would’ve gone into another savings account into the wedding fund. That was $200 every check. So twice a month. That’s $2,400 for the 6 months.

$5,000+$2,400= $7,400

Extra Income:

I became motivated enough to look for other forms of income. My husband decided to do the same! We made extra income by:

Making Money Online. These are some things that worked for us. 

I sold Mary Kay. Mary Kay is a wonderful company to work for despite what some people say. I made a really good amount of money selling the products and running my own business. As long as you stay motivated, it WILL work!

Sold things we did not need online! Craigslist, community groups on Facebook, etc. I mean like so many things we didn’t need got sold. I sold our old Christmas tree because we didn’t need it. I sold an old couch that I absolutely hated. Some old curtains that I never used again. Clothes that we didn’t need or hadn’t worn in months. Shoes that we didn’t need or hadn’t worn in months. A few lamps that were just collecting dust in a closet. The list goes on and on and on.

By adding all these three things together, my husband and I were able to complete the $10,000 and have a lot extra for the honeymoon!

We made an estimated number of $4,000 from selling our junk, Mary Kay, and online money-making! That put us at:


So not only did we have extra for the honeymoon, but because we were saving during TAX season, we ended up pulling from taxes 75% of what we had gotten back and splurging it on the honeymoon as well. So that’s another thing to keep in mind that you could use if you know you will be saving during that time frame!

Good Luck! And congratulations on getting married soon!!!!! Have fun.