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Welcome to My World!

My name is Suladys. I am a Sailor by day and a crazed writer by night who loves to spend time with her beautiful little family! I am 21 years too young and was born in Puerto Rico, eventually moving to the states to live in the beautiful state of Massachusetts. Finally I made my way down to Florida where I enlisted in the military and now live in the amazing state of Washington. I am married to a wonderful man named Eric, and we have the cutest little puppy Migo. Somehow, we make this perfect little family that I love and adore so much.

Writing is one of my many passions and I’ve done it for many years. I enjoy being able to share my knowledge with the world. I hope this blog can bring you everything or anything you need.

This Blog

This blog has a focus on Faith & Marriage, but I also love to talk about finances, food, beauty, and health! Not only that, but I am in the military (as well as my husband) so I will be talking about that too.


Here are a few fun facts about me!

1.) I got married young, (19)

2.) I can write with both hands (right one is not so good though!)

3.) I wrote for my high school newspaper for 4 years.

4.) I am getting my degree in accounting (forensic accounting to be exact)

5.) I work on aircraft (P-3s, F-18s, Prowlers, Growlers, whatever)

6.) I can play the guitar & the piano (sorta?)

7.) I have a scar on one of my pupils

8.) I’m 5’2 (shorter than most of the people I work around anyway)

9.) I am empathetic. So I feel people’s pain in my toes.

10.) My belly button is SUPER high.

11.) I am a Christian, but not a “You have to be a Christian or I won’t talk to you” type person.

12.) I tend to crazy dance in front of my husband and he plans on recording it when I’m not looking.

13.) My boss keeps asking me to stop singing.

14.) I speak 2 languages. Spanish, English & I’ve learned French & American Sign Language.

15.) I am afraid of the dark. I sleep with a night light every night.