Fears I Need To Face

1.) Spiders. Roaches. Ants (YES). Flies. Grasshoppers. (Need I go on?)

2.) Water. I am afraid of anything and everything inside of water. Once when I was little, I dropped the bar of soap in the tub. I put both legs on either side of the tub and started screaming and crying out for my mom. So, seawood, rocks, fish, anything in the water.

3.) The dark. Or maybe what’s in it. I sleep with nighty lights.

4.) Rejection

5.) The end of the world (can’t really face this til it happens right? hahaha)

6.) Not being successful at something

7.) Balls flying at me. Basketballs, tennis balls, baseballs, volleyballs. I used to play volleyball, and I accidentally knocked myself out with it. So yes, now I am scared of playing catch.

8.) Female authority. Male bosses are okay. But when the boss is a female… They’re just scary.

9.) Mushrooms. Ewww

10.) Seafood. Yes.

11.) Farting during yoga.

12.) Anything not listed above.