How I Met My Soulmate

So, a few of you have been asking the wonderful question of how I met Eric. And I’ve decided I would finally answer this question! It’s really not a long story at all. And, honestly, it’s an odd story too. But, it is unique to us and I am happy we met despite the  oddness of it all!

So it was sometime close to my 18th birthday in my Senior Year of High School, I had just been scrolling on Instagram looking at the stupid, funny pictures my girlfriends had posted from a party and came across a picture that some random guy (mind you, I don’t have a clue to when/why/how I even started following this fellow on the gram) had posted. I was just about to go delete him as a friend because I didn’t know who he was, when I read the comments. Another random guy had commented something on this picture and I felt the stupid, strong urge to respond with a witty comeback.

I set my phone down and didn’t return to it until later that evening, after I got off work. I was exhausted, and throwing myself onto my bed while still in my stupid Winn-Dixie uniform, I open a notification on my phone from the Gram. It was the “random” guy responding to my comment on this stranger’s stupid picture. (This is how I felt at that moment in my life: everything was stupid). Rolling my eyes at the stupidness of the situation, I go to this random guys page and start to scroll through his pictures. I decided that I wanted to see how stupid, this stupid random guy really looked like for commenting such a discouraging comment on this stupid picture of some other guy I don’t even know. (Babe, I’m sorry if you’re reading this, I love you!).

Then my phone pings again and says I have a notification. A follow request from Eric Davis on Instagram. I decide to approve the follow and allow this stranger to creep on my pictures (kids don’t do this, we are a bad example of what could turn into a catfish, or worse- but we got lucky! LOL). Eventually, we strike a conversation after he comments on “my beauty” (lets just say that for now). And this conversation led, to another, which led to another, which eventually led to long talks.

I figured, heck, I would never meet this guy in person, I can literally tell him everything and anything about myself (except for how to find me or ever meet me in person), and no one would ever know. So I spilled the beans. My darkest secrets. What I was going through. About the stupid boy that I was hung up on. Everything. And eventually, he became my best friend. He helped me get through a tough time in my life. And this went on for a long time. We began to talk every single day, and we talked for hours and hours, about everything, and anything. I even told my mom about him.

And finally, we decided to break the ice and video chat, to see the real person behind the pictures, and what could’ve been a horrible catfish. So as my video chat is loading the call, I get nervous quickly and throw my hand over the camera to cover my face from being shown. (I was terrified of being cat-fished guys. All I could think, what if he’s a killer or something). And Eric’s handsome face fills up the screen, and I realize he’s even more attractive than I thought. He’s grinning, and saying he can’t see me. And I realized, I wanted to see all of his facial reactions, I wanted to know what he looked like when he talked (creepy me, eh?), I wanted to know what he was wearing, (even creepier me, eh?), I wanted to know everything more.

And so we continued to get to know each other. Eventually, cute things started happening, like pizza being delivered to me, and care packages, and letters. And then that grew into something more.

And then yes, we did meet in person eventually! It took forever it felt like, but we met in person. (Yes, in a public place, guys). And I wasn’t cat-fished! And I don’t think he was either (LOL). But, eventually he was super persistent about making me his girlfriend. Like super, freaking persistent. And I said no.

I think I said no like 3 or 4 times. Until one day, I got annoyed with his super stupid persistence, and said yes. And as I stared at my feet in horror at what I did, I never thought it would lead us to where we are today. Crazy in love, gone through hell and back, and still moving forward. I thought he was totally lame, and I never thought we’d make it past even a month of being together. (Sorry babe! AGAIN! LOL). But here we are, he charmed me with his super lameness, and we ended up being perfect for each other.

Oh, and not only that, but after about a year of us being married, Eric actually told me that he never knew who that guy who’s picture we commented on the Gram actually is. He doesn’t even recall following him either.

So yes, I believe that fate is real, and that fate really must’ve wanted us to meet. I did go back like three years later, and commented to this guy letting him know that we got married because of his picture, and it was the funniest thing ever to him.

And the best thing ever! You never know where you’ll find the person you love. I found mine on the stupid Gram…… Like really!? Hahaha!

Hope you guys enjoyed, XO.


A sassy, not easy to outwit kinda girl.

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