Permanent Change of Station


So I’ve been MIA lately! There’s been a lot going on in my life. And as much as I’ve tried to keep up, I want to give a huge apology to my faithful readers (gosh, once again right?)! This isn’t going to be too long of post, I just want to catch you guys up!

Reason being, I was PCSing. Or in other words, the Navy has decided that it’s time for Eric and I to move! We are now in the beautiful state of California! It my first time here and so far we are stoked. We love Washington, and we think it’s been great, but we definitely are in love with a change of weather.

There’s a lot of differences, but we are making sure we can enjoy as much as possible of this place especially since these next few years are full of deployments for the both of us. I will definitely keep you guys updated on all the things we do, and all the journeys we go on.

So far, we haven’t done much, but we’ve gone to the beach, it’s beautiful, buuuuut I’m not going to say I haven’t seen more beautiful beaches (insert frowny face here) especially being that I was born on an island! We’ve also been to a circus in Santa Barbara. If you’ve never been to a circus, YOU MUST GO! They are awesome. It was my first time ever going to one, and it was crazy cool. We went on a bike cruise over in Ventura by the beach, and there’s a nice park there with a bunch of people that apparently are in a bicycle gang! So that was pretty cool. We also drove down to Beverly Hills and walked around for a little bit and saw the area. It’s definitely a nice area!

Beverly Hills sign

And now hubby is away for a little while so things are a little bit on hold!

But other than that:

Thanks for staying tuned in, and I’m going to go ahead and give you guys a few tips if you are about to PCS or make a big move yourself.


Throw things that you don’t need away, or give them away. Minimize as much as you can, because moving SUCKS! We got rid of so much stuff, it’s nooooot even funny. So. Much. Trash. It’s unbelievable the stuff that adds up.


Have a lot of money saved up in case (if you’re PCSing) something goes wrong with your travel pay, or something just goes wrong in general. You want to make sure you are all set. During the move, we had a few money surprises that we were glad we had saved up for.


If you’re okay with starting over as far as furniture, get rid of your couch maybe? Our couch wasn’t going to work for our new space, so we got rid of ours and went ahead and got a new one. BTW, we absolutely adore our new couch.


Don’t forget about what you’re going to do with your pets during this PCS move. We left our dog at a family member’s house. Our plans fell through with all of our friends who were supposed to watch our dog. So have a plan A, B, C.. even a plan M, N, O and P. I’m not even kidding you, once you are getting ready to leave, people flunk out on you ALL the time, and so have a lot of back plans for your pets just in case of anything.


Anything that’s super important, don’t send it through the moving truck. Pack it in your car, make it fit, how ever you can’t. We got a lot of our stuff stolen from us that we forgot to write in as “valuable” goods from the movers. (UGH, right?). So we were pretty upset because there was nothing we could do to prove it. So just make sure you’re attentive to all of that.


That’s about all I got for you guys! If you have any questions or need some advice, feel free to ask away in the comments.



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