I’m Going All Natural: No More Relaxers

I'm going all natural

I have been relaxing my hair for as long as I can remember. I don’t even know what my natural hair feels like honestly. I mean, there’s baby pictures, and pictures from when I was like…. a kid or a toddler or however. But, gosh, who remembers those days anyway?

Anyway, the decision has been made! I am going all natural. I will be transitioning, slowly but surely. I won’t be doing the “big chop” but I will be trimming every time I go to the salon. I promise to keep you updated on what’s happening with my hair, and I’ll definitely post pictures in the process.


It kind of started on accident, but then it turned into a purpose. I went about three months without it. And then, three turned into four. And now, I’m about to be on my seventh month. I’m doing this because I realized that to be beautiful, and to be appealing, I DON’T HAVE TO HAVE STRAIGHT HAIR! I can be beautiful, I can be appealing with my natural, big, beautiful curly hair! No matter what type of curls. And I believe the same goes for all of you! Whether you want to relax your hair because it makes you feel beautiful, or just because it makes your hair easier to manage, don’t forget that being natural is beautiful too! And I’m slowly but surely learning to manage, but it’s been tough. I wouldn’t lie about that.



-Tangles. Oh. My. Gosh. So many tangles! Especially in the center of my head. This big, huge tangle just likes to form up right there in the middle of my head. And I get so frustrated. To counteract tangles, I’ve learned that you need to use a wide tooth comb. It causes less breakage, and it’s better on your hair.

-Dryness. My new hair that is coming in did not agree with the hair regimen that I had. So I’ve been adjusting and buying different products. I’ve been using all alcohol free products in my hair. Oh and lots of edge control! My hair is super curly around my edges, and then BAM! it’s super straight/wavy every where else, while there is a big poof at the skull. So I’m just all over the place.

-Heat damage. I was using way too much heat. So now, I don’t put heat to my hair when it’s dirty, only when it’s clean. And I get my hair professionally straightened. I never straighten it myself.

-Finding a hairstylist that can mange my hair. I finally found someone that cares about my hair, and about me going natural and has given me the tips and tricks to growing it out. She takes care and time to ensure my hair is getting all the attention it needs as well and she does a fantastic job! So make sure if you every decide to go natural, to find someone willing to do this.

-Dandruff. Once again, this has a lot to do with dryness. I’ve been looking for different shampoo types that will work better with my hair currently. Currently, I am trying Black Vanilla. And so far, it’s worked great!

-Split ends. I get split ends quicker than usual. I don’t know if I might not be taking good enough care of my ends, but I am trying to put my hair in more protective hair styles such as buns, etc. Also, I am moisturizing my ends plenty just to ensure that they remain healthy. And like I said before, I am getting trimmed every time I go to my stylist, that way the process of getting the old, relaxed hair out is faster!

Soon, I will post my beauty routine for my transitioning hair! So keep up to date with me.




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