100 Things To Do This Summer


I’m super excited for the summer! Hubby and I moved to California recently (thanks Navy!) and we live extremely close to Los Angeles. We are in Ventura County, a 15 minute drive from Malibu and there’s so many things to do, so many places to see! I’ve come up with a list of 100 Things To Do This Summer so that if you run out of ideas, you can look here, and viola- you have something you can do. Feel free to add things below in the comments! We could all really use some ideas.

1.) Travel
2.) Lay out on the beach
3.) Snorkeling
4.) Dance Clubs
5.) Pool Party
6.) Circus
7.) County Fairs
8.) Museums
9.) Zoo
10.) Go on a cruise
11.) Comedy Show
12.) Concerts
13.) Get a summer job
14.) Internship
15.) Camping
16.) Kayaking
17.) Jet Skiing
18.) Hiking
19.) Book Club
20.) Exercise
21.) Try a new sport
22.) Yoga Retreat
23.) Volunteer
24.) Get involved with Church activities
25.) Shopping
26.) Disney World, Sea World, etc (Theme Parks)
27.) Fishing
28.) Marathon/Race
29.) Boating
30.) Paddle boarding
31.) Hot Air Balloon Ride
32.) Road Trips
33.) Mountain Climbing
34.) Zip lining
35.) Ice skating
36.) Roller blading
37.) Movies
38.) Netflix binge
39.) Food tasting
40.) Wine tasting
41.) Create a new tool/item
42.) Big puzzles- frame them when you’re done
43.) Take pictures of scenic places
44.) Create a scrap book
45.) Horseback riding
46.) Skydiving
47.) Water park
48.) Classical Show/Concert
49.) Take a pottery/clay class
50.) Make your own art piece on a big canvas
51.) Put up a hammock and lay in it
52.) Clean out your closet and donate
53.) Go to a spa
54.) Start a garden (even a mini one!)
55.) Sand Castle competition
56.) Visit the springs
57.) Bonfire party
58.) Redecorate your living spaces
59.) Car Meets (if you have the right car!)
60.) Mountain biking/regular biking
61.) Babysit
62.) Be a tourist in your town, or go to the city
63.) Host a breakfast party
64.) Really, truly clean your car
65.) Catch fireflies
66.) Throw a BBQ
67.) Fly a kite
68.) Have a picnic
69.) Go to a baseball/football/soccer etc game
70.) Make tie-dye shirts
71.) Slip-N-Slide in your yard
72.) Check out what Feast are going by near by, strawberry fest, etc.
73.) Go to a drive-in
74.) Build ice cream sundaes
75.) Watch all the summer firework shows
76.) Geocaching (love this!)
77.) Have board game parties
78.) Karaoke night
79.) Invent a pizza
80.) Learn a new instrument
81.) Watch the sunset/sunrise
82.) Create a sidewalk mural with chalk
83.) Visit a butterfly house
84.) Scavenger Hunt
85.) Listen to new singers at small pubs
86.) Bowling
87.) Cave exploring
88.) Visit historic landmarks
89.) Start a blog
90.) Parasailing
91.) Body boarding at the beach
92.) Stargazing and long night walks
93.) Scavenger Hunt
94.) Garage sales
95.) Create different lasagna types
96.) Take an art class
97.) Play video games
98.) Start a small business
99.) Learn how to long board & go cruising
100.) Adopt a pet

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