13 Things to do When You are Stressed


Stress is one of the most horrible things that we as humans have to deal with. Sometimes, stress can take over everything around us. Financial situations, issues in relationships, work, and many other things can make us feel stress in our daily lives, its just about how you deal with it that can make you feel better or deal with it better.

Here is a quick list of ideas of things you can try to do to help you when you are stressed! Or at least to take your mind off of it.

1.)Yoga always helps.

2.)Exercise to let off some of the steam.

3.)Meditate/Pray because God can always help and He always listens.

4.)Read the Bible and find encouragement in His word.

5.)Go out with friends to a comedy show, or to an outing that you can laugh and have fun at.

6.)Watch a funny movie/show so that you can get a laugh to get your mind off of things.

7.)Bake brownies, cookies, muffins. (And then eat all of it! LOL)

8.)Write/Journalize about what is going on. Getting your feelings out on paper helps.

9.)A long drive on the highway gives you time to think and clear your head.

10.)Shopping: but try not spend all of your money!

11.)Play a sport such as going golfing, or even fishing (if you consider that a sport), swimming, volleyballs, paddle boarding. Anything works!

12.) Get a massage at the spa. Or get a pedi.

13.)Clean everything. Start maybe with your closet. The key to healing stress can sometimes be reorganizing your whole closet.

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