4 Scary Feelings You Have Before Getting Married

4 scary feelings you have before getting married

If you are getting married soon, CONGRATS! Getting married is a big deal, and  it’s such a beautiful thing. You are two people becoming one, and joining two paths into one.

Before I got married, I went through a lot of emotions. A lot of ups, downs, sides to sides, yes, no… Everything. I went through everything.

I just want to really share this with you guys because I think that sometimes we let our emotions get the best of us, and in such an important moment in our life, I think we should know what other’s have felt and whether or not we think it’s normal. Right, or right?

Before I got married I felt some of the following emotions:


Holy crap, I was terrified! I was scared because of so many reasons. My life was about to change, was I making the right choice, was I sure? My whole future, what if it just didn’t turn out right? Or what if he isn’t the one?

Cold Feet

Yes, I had cold feet, like RIGHT BEFORE we got married. I really just wanted to change my mind, enjoy my life as a single woman for forever. I didn’t think I should go through with it. I wanted to walk away, I thought I was going to forever lose my freedom (not true at all by the way)!


Asking myself so many questions, and going back and forth, I finally started to feel frustrated, aren’t you supposed to be sure about something as big as getting married? Like, 100% sure?! I sure didn’t feel that way! I was making the biggest decision in my life, and I just felt frustrated before we got married.


Nervousness was the biggest one I felt before getting married. I was nervous that we might become a statistic. What if everyone was right, what if we weren’t going to make it past a year? What if we get divorced? What if everything goes wrong? I was so nervous.

Marriage puts the rest of your life into perspective in one moment. Right before you get married you tend to ask yourself more questions about your future and it gives you a whole lot of emotions to deal with.

If you are question whether you should do this or not, ask God for help! Pray to Him, and ask him to lead your path in the right direction. He knows what He has in store for us and who better to lead us than Him?

I promise you that everything you are feeling is normal though! And if you don’t feel this, that’s okay too! Everyone is different. My husband and I have loved being married, and it’s not a walk on the beach every single day, but I never regretted marrying him. I know I made the right choice. Read here so that you know why I don’t regret any of it despite what I felt right before we finally did tie the knot.


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  1. I love the fact that you are so open and honest. Like you said these are normal feelings and if we were completely honest with ourselves I bet most of us felt them as well before we got married.

    1. Thank you Marci! Yes, I feel like sometimes people are too scared to admit these things, but I definitely it’s just better to embrace them and sort them out instead!

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