Bare Minerals Powder Foundation Review


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I have tried many powder foundations, and mostly, I tend to feel like I don’t get what I want from them. I am more of a liquid foundation type girl, but I fell too much in love with this Bare Minerals Powder Foundation to not review it to you guys!

First of all, I am not getting paid to review this, I am doing it out of personal joy and interest! Just so y’all know! This post DOES contain affiliate links though, view my disclosure at the bottom of the post.

So, with this foundation, it does feel pretty heavy on the face, but not the bad kind of heavy. It feels good on the skin and it doesn’t feel all mushy but you can tell you are wearing it.

Acne & Coverage

I had no persisting problems with breaking out when I wore this foundation! It didn’t cause me any skin care issues or any excess greasiness. If anything, it made my face improve and my breakouts were definitely less.
BUT, when ever I did have that one stubborn pimple around the time of my period (you know what I mean), all I had to do was use the CONCEALER that bare minerals offers! And you couldn’t even tell I had a pimple. It really was great! You can buy the concealer here to get it at a discounted price:

Oil On My T-Zone

I used a matte mineral powder foundation so that my face wouldn’t be shiny! And it lasted very well through out the day. I was ultimately surprised because usually my face gets extremely greasy especially on my nose area and with this foundation, it didn’t! It is long lasting especially considering it is a powder.

Color Matching

I was able to match the color to my skin tone VERY WELL. Like, I mean the color matches perfectly, it didn’t look patchy, it didn’t look uneven, it didn’t look too dark or too light. It was the exact color of my skin tone.


The price is $28.50 when you buy it directly from the Bare Minerals site. It’s not bad at ALL! That’s in my opinion, considering a lot of foundations are super pricey if you want them for good quality.  But you can get it here for WAY cheaper!


A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

You literally only need a dab of powder to put all over your face. You don’t need a lot, which is the best part because for the money you are paying you are getting a lot! This has to be my favorite thing about this product. One dab goes all the way!

All in all, if you are looking to buy this product, I will 100% recommend it. It feels good, it looks good, and it IS good. I know this is a product I will definitely continue to buy. If you are looking for something that has coverage, and isn’t too much on the face and looks more natural, I would definitely go with Bare Minerals. Oh, and I definitely believe the Matte Powder Foundation is the better of the Powders.

I can’t say there are any cons to this foundation. If you’ve been looking for something for a long time, and this seems to meet all you needs, I say go for it!



Bare Minerals Matte Powder Foundation
Bare Minerals Matte Powder Foundation


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