How Birth Control Destroyed Me

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Weight gain, mood swings, low sex drive… Sound familiar? These are just SOME of the things I suffered with when I was on birth control.

I first started on birth control when I was 18. I started taking it to help with regulating my heavy-as-heck period. I’m talking about 8-14 days of full on bleeding, non-stop. So much bleeding, I’d be sick to my stomach and light headed.

High-Dose Pill

My doctor started me off on a high-dose pill. I completely forgot which one it was since it was so long ago. But, let me tell you what happened.


Weight Gain

I instantly gained what felt like a million pounds. People say you don’t gain weight on the pill because of the actual pill… THEY’RE LYING OKAY? I gained a bunch of weight, and I’m pretty sure it was the pill because I consistently worked out (being that I’m military and love being fit) and I watched what I ate during that time because I’d heard that the pill can make you gain weight.


Not only did I gain weight, but holy crap, my face broke out even more than expected. I had acne in places I never had it before. That’s when I realized this pill was not for me, but I continued to ignore these warning signs.


And lastly, I became emotional. And I’m not talking about the mean girl, witchy, and rude emotional. I’m talking about depressed, sad, upset, didn’t want to continue on with life type of emotional. I’d never experienced feeling that in my life until I started on this pill.

That was my last warning. After I started to realize how out of control my emotions were, and how they were affecting everyone around me, I decided to get off this pill, wait 6 months and start something new.


That’s when I got the Mirena. This is an IUD that gets implanted on the uterus.

There was some controversy on implanting the Mirena on someone who hasn’t been pregnant due to the amount of pain. But my doctor went ahead and did it anyway.


Getting the Mirena implanted was so painful. So painful that I not only threw up, but I passed out multiple times. It was that painful. I screamed and held onto my husbands hand (he was in the room with me) and cried, and it just hurt so bad, I wouldn’t recommend it TO ANYONE!

After having the Mirena in for a few weeks, the pain never subsided. I was in pain EVERY SINGLE DAY. Not a moment went by where my face wasn’t pale, my hands didn’t shake, or that I wasn’t bleeding.


I stayed on my period the whole time I had it implanted it seemed like. And then, someone in my family had to get THEIR UTERUS REMOVED BECAUSE OF THE MIRENA! And I was like… NOPE.

So I scheduled my appointment to get the sucker taken out. And about a week before my appointment, I started bleeding something horrible. I mean, blood everywhere, running down my pants, all over my legs, all over the bathroom floor, and an extreme amount of pain. I’m sure we can all guess what happened there…

After that, and my visit to the ER, I finally got the Mirena taken out and got put on the Nuva Ring.

Nuva Ring

Leg Pain

The Nuva Ring was GREAT! At first. And then, I started having sharp pain in my leg, and it wouldn’t go away. It would sometimes even go numb. Not only that, but I was DRY AS SAND PAPER down in my yoo-hoo.

After getting test done, I had a cyst in my leg! Now, I can’t necessarily say that it was the birth control that caused this, but I will say that it’s never happened before and it’s never happened again since I got off of it.

So, after that my doctor recommended getting off birth control for another 6 months and then we could try something new.

Finally, 6 months later, I started on the low-dose Loestrin pill.

Low-Dose Pill

I LOVED IT! More than any other one. I stayed on that one for almost a whole year. I had 2-3 day periods, always on the same days. Super light too. Pain free. No sore breast. No occasional bloating. Clearish skin. No emotional symptoms. Nothing! It was amazing.

I was living the life.

Until one day, I realized that I hadn’t had sex in a while.

Low Sex Drive

I’m married, and sex with my husband is great, and I don’t know why  I would never want to have it with him. I remembered us going at it all the time, and then all of a sudden, I wanted nothing.


I had ZERO sex drive. Oh, and I never realized before because  I had zero sex drive, but I was also ALWAYS dry. I realized that I preferred washing the dishes (I HATE DISHES) over having sex. And that’s when I started getting really unhappy and questioning this whole birth control thing.

Do I really want to risk ruining my relationship or not getting it in with my husband (poor guy) over birth control? At this point I was taking it for the simple fact of condom-free sex with my spouse. Which yeah, that’s great, but how great is it if you don’t even have  a sex-drive?

Weight Gain

Oh, and let me tell you that I gained 20 pounds on this pill. 20. That’s a lot of weight.

So I talked to my spouse about it, and we came to the agreement that I would get off the pill. I went online and started my research on other women who might’ve gone through the same thing. I found countless of stories. I was so glad to not be alone in this! This further led me into finding out about FAM.

The Fertility Awareness Method

This is a method where you basically take your temperature, weight, and other factors such as fluids in your yoo-hoo into account to know whether it’s safe to have unprotected sex or not.

This has actually worked out pretty good so far. I mean. I feel like I am in control of my body finally. I know when I’m ovulating and when I can and can’t have unprotected sex with the hubs

I’m still getting into the hang of it, but I’ve read so much great information, that has taught my a lot. This method is also great for woman who are trying to get pregnant. As soon as I found out about this method I bought these books:

Which had ALL the information and everything I needed to know about being aware. It taught me how to chart my information, and how to know and understand my body. I literally couldn’t have asked for a better book.

So after getting off the pill, I lost 10 pounds. Within the first month. YES, I KNOW! Not only that, but after two weeks, my sex drive sky rocketed like crazy! And I was no longer suffering from dryness. I realized that using birth control was only masking issues for me, not actually fixing them, and that if I wanted an actual solution, I would have to actually solve the problem instead of covering it up.

I will never turn back to birth control and I am proud to say that. I hate that I ever altered my hormones in the first place to do something that my body doesn’t want to do.

And trust me, you can do it too! It’s easy. The FAM may seem like a lot of work, but it really isn’t. It takes five minutes in the morning for me to do anything that I have to do with it just like taking the pill would.

I am a proud user of FAM!!!!!!



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  1. Amusingly, in sex Ed they told me that hormonal birth control causes blood clots and you could die. And for that reason I decided never to get it, and I never did. I still got a blood clot and almost died anyway though. But I’m glad I never went through that. Scary stories.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story! I never went on hormonal birth control because of personal convictions so I’ve always done the family planning method. Some people think I’m crazy! And some people respect my decision, but it’s good to know I’m not alone!

  3. I went off the pill for the sex drive issue, too. I thought it was something I could deal with, but I hated not feeling that connection with my husband. My next period I’m going to start FAM. I was on birth control for a year so I don’t know how it’s going to affect tracking. Love that you’re writing about this. Everyone needs to hear about this

    1. I’m so glad to hear you went off it! It is such a big problem today and I don’t think people realize it. It just masks any issues. I’m so glad for you! It took me about a month to really get my sex drive back and it came back in FULL FORCE. Lol

  4. I gained 20 pounds since I switched to low dose pills in May! I workout 5 to 6 days a week and track my calories too! My periods are so irregular without the pill though, so I’m not sure if FAM would be a good option for us?

    1. My periods are pretty irregular as well! And it sucks !!!! But FAM has worked out way to good for us. Now that I’m more aware I can literally FEEL when I’m ovulating! I think it’s a good option for everyone. If you do try it, give it three months before you get the hang of it so that you can really know your body, so use protection

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