7 Fun Things To Do With Your Spouse

7 fun things to do with your spouse
7 fun things to do with your spouse

Is it Saturday morning, and have you already eaten breakfast? Are you wondering what to do today with your spouse? Something fun perhaps? There are a lot of weekends that hubby and I looked for something fun to do and we just always ran out of ideas that were even somewhat interesting to us. After a while, I decided to make a small list of 7 fun things that we have fun doing together and that you can possibly enjoy too!

1.) Work out
What beats doing something that’s beneficial, AND doing it together?! My hubby and I love to workout together because it pushes and motivates us to do better. Not only that, but we have fun with it! We laugh, and talk each other through the work outs and it’s so much fun.

Painful but hilarious workout we tried together for the first time.

2.) Do outdoorsy stuff
Go on a hike, or take your bikes out for a ride. Maybe you can even go lay out a blanket in front of a lake, or the beach if there’s one near by with some snacks and your favorite books. As long as you’re doing it together it will be a good time!

Mountains in Washington
Mountains in Washington

3.) Shopping
So I’m not talking about the shopping where the girl goes and looks for herself and buys all this stuff. I’m talking about the shopping where you go to stores that interest both of you and you both shop for each other! Have a good time doing it, and stop eat lunch, and continue shopping!

4.) Food Tastings
So, I LOVE food. I repeat: I LOVE FOOD! It’s the best thing that every happened to me. So Eric and I enjoy going out to different restaurants and tasting different foods. It’s fun and we enjoy the time together. Start at one restaurant for appetizers, and then go to the next restaurant! Totally worth it because you get to try a lot of different foods!

One of our food tasting days! Blazing Onion is so tasty!
One of our food tasting days! Blazing Onion is so tasty!

5.) Cooking or baking 
Did I already say I love food? Okay, well I love food! Make food that you love to make together. Or even make funny shaped cookies or bake some muffins or even a cake with funny frosting! No one said baking had to be boring. We also love to try new things, like one day, we made home made mozzarella sticks (my favorite appetizer) and no, they actually didn’t turn out all that great (LOL) but the image below is before they were actually baked and after they were frozen. We made a huge mess, but it was a ton of fun and definitely worth it. 

Homemade mozzarella sticks!
Homemade mozzarella sticks!

6.) Full day of dates

Start on Saturday morning and make the whole day a day full of dates. Go out to the movies. Go bowling. Go ice skating. Go to a bar. Play mini golf. Go get dinner. Go to an arcade. There’s so many things you can do in one day! You can even make it a full weekend thing.

Mini golf date with Eric!
Mini golf date with Eric!

7.) Video games
So sometimes us ladies really get annoyed that our man candy might be playing video games all day. Well why don’t you join in? Compete against each other and also try to be on the same team reaching the same mission. Some games that hubby and I enjoy are WWE, Borderlands, and Call of Duty. No one said that video games had to create a wedge between you. If anything make it fun and allow it to bring you both closer together! Oh, and remember: it’s just a game. 

There are a lot more fun things that couples can do together. It’s just about figuring out what you like to do together and actually getting out and doing it!

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  1. These are some great ideas. Sometimes I feel like we do the same stuff all the time or don’t do too much. I never thought of doing a food tasting with my husband.

  2. These are great ideas for people who don’t have kids!!! 😀

    It’s a lot harder to do anything for any amount of time without a babysitter when you have kids, especially when they’re little.

    This doesn’t apply for me (I have two kids under four), but these are awesome ideas to keep the spice and fun alive in your marriage for people who either choose not to have kids, have kids who are older, or who don’t have kids yet.

    Nice post!

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