January 2016

Things To Do When You Visit Seattle!


This post has been a long time waiting! I’ve been waiting to actually do all of the things on this list to be able to tell you guys to do it. If they are on this list, it’s because it’s worth giving it a shot. I hope you enjoy Seattle as much as I did!

1.)Pike Place Market

2.)Original Starbucks
Do I even have to explain this?

3.)Gum Wall
Although the wall was scrubbed down in 2015, people have already started putting their gum back on it. Something worth seeing.

Gumwall in Seattle.

4.)Woodland Park Zoo


My silly but amazing husband shopping for me.
My silly but amazing husband shopping for me.

6.)Space Needle
A definite must do on your list if you visit Seattle. This is one of the first and favorite of the places I’ve visited!

7.)Mariner’s & Seahawks!
Games in Seattle are amazing! The crowd is super enthusiastic and loud, you can hear them from miles away. So much team spirit! This isn’t something you should miss.

Mariner's Stadium
Mariner’s Stadium

8.)Mt. Rainer or Mt. Saint Helen
Looking for a hike, or a place to snowboard? Check out these mountains and the passes. Amazing views, and a nice breath of fresh air. I love going up the mountains. Make sure to check the weather and make sure you have the proper tires or chains to get up there if needed!

Snowboarding in the mountains

9.)Seattle Art Museum

10.)Seattle Great Wheel
Take a nice ride on a ferris wheel with your friends or your lover and view the city at it gets smaller below you! Beautiful viewing.

11.)Bill Gates’ House

12.)Seattle Underground Tour
One of the most interesting things was to learn about the history of Seattle and its underground area. You will see plenty of different things and learn about places you can visit and have fun at at night as well.


13.)Pacific Science Center

Love this place! If you love books, this place has SO MANY! Best library I have ever been in honestly.

Hubby at the Library!
Hubby at the Library!

15.)Museum of Flight