12 Small Things To Do For Your Spouse

13 small things to do for your spouse
13 small things to do for your spouse

Sometimes we really need to be reminded that we are loved by our spouse. Whether it’s because we had a bad day, or because we need a “feel good” moment. But think about the little things that someone might do to make you feel good. These are the ones I’ve done personally:

1.) Leave a love letter for your lover
Whether it’s on the bed, or on the fridge, or even by the kitchen sink or in the car, leave your spouse a letter reminding them that you love them. Tell them why you appreciate them and wish them a good day.

2.) Leave sticky notes everywhere or anywhere
Put sticky notes complimenting your spouse around the house or in the car or on their coffee mug. My husband once left me a sticky note telling me I’m beautiful inside my hair spray cap. I only bring out my hair spray when I’m really frustrated with my hair and can’t get it to sit. So when I popped the cap off and saw a sticky note saying “You are the best,” I felt so good.

Sticky note in hair spray cap
Sticky note in hair spray cap

3.) Bring their favorite candy or item home
Just because, stop by the drug store and get your spouse that twix they love! Or get them they’re favorite flavored shake that they love. Even if they didn’t have a bad day, or they aren’t irritable, doing something nice can only Better their mood and let them know you are thinking of them.

4.) Pack them a nice lunch
Something healthy, and delicious and don’t forget to add they’re favorite treat!

5.) Scratch their back or play with their hair until they fall asleep
It’s totally going to tire your arm out! But try scratching their back gently until they fall asleep or playing with their hair. These little things feel nice and make one feel loved and cared for.

6.) Hand massage or foot rub
This is such a stress reliever, it’s also something so simple and so easy to do.

7.) Flowers
I mean duuuuh. And yes ladies, I totally think it’s okay to buy your hubby some flowers.

My hubby got me flowers, my favorite candy, and yes... tampons
My hubby got me flowers, my favorite candy, and yes… tampons

8.) Wash those dishes!-
Surprisingly my husband really enjoys washing dishes. I don’t. But even though he enjoys it, he doesn’t want to do it every single time. So wash dishes when you see them! I feel so relieved when I come home and he did the dishes that I left in the sink the night before.

9.) Scrub their back in the shower
Those hard to reach spots on your back are a pain! Why don’t you offer your spouse to scrub their back with some soap so they don’t have to struggle. This is such a genuine and intimate gesture even.

10.) Random phone call during working hours
Call your spouse during working hours to ask them about THEIR day and how THEY are doing. Just to talk and let them know you love them and were thinking of them.

11.) Ask your spouse THREE things that annoy them about you
This might seem not so good. But trust me, once your spouse tells you these three things, the goal isn’t to get angry, upset, or defensive. The goal is to try and change these three things. The other day I asked hubs what these three things were. And one of them was: You leave milk at the bottom of the glass and it gets all sticky and hard to wash and drives me INSANE! And you know what, I now rinse the cup even if I’m not about to wash it because I know it drives him insane and it’s such a small and effortless thing to do. But it makes a lot of the difference.

12.) Wash their car
I love waking up and finding out that my hubs went and cleaned my car. Suddenly getting in my car and getting that fresh clean car smell, and knowing that I didn’t have to do it because he did it. It makes me so happy.

My husband really love his car to be shiny. What can I say?
My husband really love his car to be shiny. What can I say?

These are 12 simple, but nice things that you can do for your spouse to make them feel loved. I personally have tried everything on this list, and I love the smile on my hubby’s face when he comes home to something even if it’s that small. It makes me feel so good about myself to know that I can make him feel nice and to know that these are such small simple ways I can serve him.


A sassy, not easy to outwit kinda girl.


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  2. One particularly tough morning when my then 9 month old was waking us up every hour all night long, I woke up to find that my husband had left me a message in sticky notes. One sticky note per stair. It made the day so much easier.
    I love these ideas.

  3. I love these ideas– especially the sticky note one. I don’t do that on a regular basis, but every time I go out of town,right after I pack, I leave sticky notes around the house for my husband to find with encouraging messages or just things that will let them know I’m thinking of them even if I’m not there.

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  5. Great ideas! I love your take on asking your partner what 3 things annoy him/her. As you said, so long as one doesn’t get defensive it’s a great chance to make some changes that might be small to us, but can make a big difference for the other person.

    1. Thanks! I think it’s definitely important we stay unselfish to our partners feelings to make the relationship healthy 🙂

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