December 2015

Contact Lenses: How I Made The Biggest Mistake Ever

CONTACT LENSES. These are a HUGE deal. HUGE.  I’ve worn contact lenses since I was in 5th grade. A crazy, long time. I remember I really struggled the first few weeks with getting them in my eyes. But eventually, I really got the hang of it and I really just loved wearing them. My favorite brand, and the one I recommend to most of my friends:


My eyes feel like they can breathe! I love these. I’ve tried many different brands, and this one is just the one I keep going back to. (Yes, I have stigmatism.)

BUT, with wearing contact lenses, and wearing them EVERYDAY, I have learned a huge… I mean huge life lesson.

Sometimes, we get careless with things or we don’t learn fully about new things that we try. And while my eye doctor had taught me how to put on my contact lenses and told me not to sleep in them and to clean them “often” there was one thing he forgot to mention. Contact Solution Liquid. Hooooooly crap. I really wish he would have talked to me a little more about it.

One day, I woke up with severe eye pain. My head was pounding something terrible, and I remember opening my eyes and walking over to turn on the light and not being able to see anything. I mean anything…. Through my left eye. And my right eye was swollen shut. I started screaming for my dad because the pain from turning on the light was just insane. It went all the way down through my spine. So my dad comes running into the room and he’s like WOAH. And I’m just screaming at him that it hurts and that I can’t see. Horrible, it was just horrible.

My dad rushed me to an eye doctor who told me that I have pink eye…..

Note the extra periods at the end of that sentence. PINK EYE….

So after getting prescribed some eye drops, 2-3 days passed and I was laying down in bed everyday, in the dark, with out touching any food because the pain was so bad my stomach hurt, with none of the ibuprofen helping with any of the pain, and asking for help to go to the bathroom and back to the room and that’s it. My mom finally decided to take me to another doctor. The doctor said that I had pink eye. And then he changed his mind a few minutes later and said that I had a cornea abrasion and that I had accidentally scratched my eye. He said there was nothing he could do.

So another week passed and the pain and nothing ever got better. Hating my life, I begged my mom to take me to another doctor, I had already missed a few weeks of school and I was just tired of being in pain and sitting in the dark.

The doctor inspected my eyes throughly, for about an hour.


What? An ulcer you say?

“What kind of contact solution are you using? Are you changing the liquid everyday? Are you washing your hands? How do you dry them? Are you sleeping in them?”

These are all questions the eye doctor asked me, that made me realize I was probably not doing too many things right. And that I had been misdiagnosed more than once.

Not only was I not changing my solution liquid everyday, but I was using a cheap store name brand, and I wasn’t drying my hands properly.

After a few samples, the doc learned that the problem was indeed from the contact solution. DO NOT USE CHEAP EYE SOLUTION. I’m telling you it’s not worth it. You are playing with fire. Learn the good brands, and pay the money for it. I never understood how precious eyesight was until I didn’t have it.

After a bunch of medicine and steroids for my left eye specifically, and an every other day check up, the doc said that he didn’t think I would ever be able to see through my left eye but my vision slowly came back, and after months of not being able to look at computer screens, or read a book because of the headaches, my eyesight came back. The ulcer was right on my cornea so the odds were against me.

But I pay the price, I now have a huge scar on my eye, and the light reflects on it in different ways. Yes, I can wear contact lenses again. But I am so careful with everything I do. Eye sight is a precious thing, and you truly have to take care of it. I hear my friends talk about how they sleep in their contacts or stretch the amount of time they wear them to 6 months, and I just want to cry. The things you are doing to your eyes! It’s important that you follow the protocols for a reason. They are in place for your health.

Remember to change your contact solution every single day. Remember to clean your contacts and to inspect them before you put them in your eye to ensure there are no rips. Don’t wear them longer than the recommended time. Don’t sleep in them unless they are prescribed for sleep wear. Don’t rub your eyes. Clean your hands and dry them with material that doesn’t rub off onto your hands. TAKE CARE OF YOUR EYES! If you wake up with swollen or red eyes, OPEN A NEW PACK AND THROW THE ONES YOU USED OUT! Let your eyes REST!!!!

These things are important. We all want to be able to see.