Netflix and Ch…..allenges


Every now and then I run into some challenges. With Netflix anyway. I just don’t know what to watch. I hate it because then I’m sitting around for about 20 minutes just looking for what to watch next and I find myself saying, I’ve already seen everything on Netflix, oh my gosh. But!!!! I have a few binge worthy shows that I have personally watched and truly enjoyed that I am willing to share with you. I’m doing this because I’ve gotten a few messages from friends asking what I think they should watch a Netflix next. And we have all been at that crossroad haven’t we? It’s truly a challenging one, and we wouldn’t get through it without our friends! So feel empowered with this list!

So if you are in a Netflix Binge type mood, and you are having some challenges with what good shows to watch, here is a good list to get you going! (These are not in order by rating)

1.) Law & Order SVU

2.) Jane the Virgin

3.) One Tree Hill

4.) 90210

5.) Criminal Minds

6.) Reign

7.) How To Get Away With Murder

8.) Scandal

9.) Grey’s Anatomy

10.) Person of Interest

11.) Friends

12.) Gilmore Girls

13.) NCIS

14.) The 100

15.) Switched at Birth

16.) Prison Break

17.) Orange is the New Black

18.) Arroz

19.) Army Wives

20.) Beauty and the Beast

21.) Bones

Some of these shows take a few episodes to really get hooked onto it, but they are all definitely worth watching! So good luck, and tell me what you think about whichever ones you choose to binge on below!!!!!

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