October 2015

Ways To Make Money Online


We are always looking for new ways to make some extra money on the side.  We sometimes just need that extra cash to buy that lovely new purse you saw at the mall, or to be able to afford a trip you want to take to see your family for Christmas. We also want it to be easy, and quick right? Well I’ve come up with a few ways that I know how to make money online.

Let’s get started!

1.) Inbox Dollars

You basically get paid to respond to email ads, for taking surveys, playing online games and even shopping online! It does take time at the computer, and effort from you to actually earn the money. But it’s nice to get emails right to your inbox and to get paid just to open them and look at them. And guess what?
It’s FREE to signup!

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“A Dramatic Entrance”

When you think of a dramatic entrance, you think of this beautiful bride  that walks in and everyone turns their heads to look at her (more like to judge why she chose a strapless dress or why she did an updo instead of curling her hair).  Or maybe you think about the spouse of someone who just found out their loved one is in the hospital and they come barging in through those hospital doors letting them swing behind them, running up to the nurses desk, “Where is room 202!?”  But that is not what this is. This is a virtual BAM. A virtual entrance, dramatically done.

So hello to everyone! I am doing my dramatic entrance into the Internet. Into the world of clicks and scrolls. I am glad to be here! As I build this page and try to make it look better, I hope to get to know you as well and learn from what you know. I am driven to write about so many things,


-Around your home




-Military Lifestyle



-And so much more!

I take interest and passion in so many things, and I enjoy so many aspects of life that surrounding myself around one topic is just not enough. I plan to make at least one post a week. Please feel welcome to tell me if you love it or hate it when it comes to anything! Thank you for taking the time to pass through and may you forever be blessed!


Your one and only,