Guide to Longer, Stronger, Healthier Hair!

Have you always wanted long, beautiful, healthy hair? But it’s still short, brittle, and unmanageable? Been there, done that! After joining the military and getting to bootcamp, they did “the chop”. The man who cut my hair did a terrible job. He just chopped it off and didn’t do it in any style or way. Towards the end of my time in bootcamp, my friends grabbed sewing scissors (it was all we had!) and did the best they could to make my hair even and semi-decent again so that when my parents saw me they wouldn’t see the disaster of my haircut. After this all happened, I would look at all these pictures of beautiful girls with beautiful long hair, and I envied them. Why doesn’t my hair get that long? Why doesn’t my hair look that good? I’d wish it would grow faster!  So I started trying different thing that were recommended to me by my wonderful hair stylist, and a few friends with long hair. Try these few things, and you will be on your way to long hair in no time! Oh, the glorious feeling of hope, right?!

1.) Coconut Oil is your friend!

This is the one I use:



Now, many of us know that there are SO MANY benefits to using coco oil. It is a good friend to your hair. Your hair needs it! I rub coconut oil into my hair and let it sit for 30 minutes before I wash it out with shampoo and conditioner. Rub it in starting from your roots and going to your ends. Rubbing your scalp helps stimulate blood going to your head which helps your hair grow. I do relax my hair, so I do plenty of moisturizing with coconut oil to keep my hair from breaking and becoming fragile. And yes, laying backwards in your bed with your head hanging down while you rub your scalp with coconut oil actually works! Call me crazy, but it works wonders!


It prevents your hair from breaking

Strengthens your ends

Gives your hair moisture

Helps defeat dandruff

Stimulates hair growth.


2.) Drink TONS of water

You want to always keep your body hydrated. Water is essential to being healthy and promoting growth in anyway. At least 8 cups of fluid and it helps your hair remain healthy!

3.) Take your vitamins!


I take Fish Oil and Biotin. Amazing results with the Biotin especially. I was truly impressed to see that my hair was growing twice as fast take Biotin once a day every single day. Even my nails were growing insanely fast. Remember to talk to your doctor before taking any vitamins.


4.) Trim your ends

Yeah, yeah I know. Why would you cut your hair if you’re trying to make it grow faster? Well, having split ends prevents your hair from growing. So that’s why you trim your ends. Keep up with it. Every 3 months or so talk to your hair stylist, ask them to check your ends and see if they need any trimming. This will help your hair grow so much faster. Believe me. Take care of those ends! Moisturize them, and show them some love!

5.) Stop washing your hair every day!

I know you love to wash your hair everyday, I know it feels necessary. But it’s not. Do not wash your hair so much. It steals the moisture and the natural oils that your body provides. Try washing your hair every 3-4 days, and if you’re like me, cut it down to maybe once a week. Use dry shampoo or baby powder on your roots to keep your hair from looking greasy and smelling bad (face it, it’s the truth). Also try sleeping with a silk pillow cases to avoid your hair oils  from being stolen from your cotton pillow cases. Silk pillow cases cause your hair to glide and don’t take in any oil.

6.) Less heat

Heat is tremendously damaging to the hair follicle. Use less heat.  Try using rollers to straighten your hair slowly instead of a blow drier. Never use your flat iron or curling iron at more then 360 degrees because that calls for DAMAGE! If you straighten your hair on Monday, then wrap it before you go to sleep so that you won’t have to put heat to it again until you wash it!

7.) Use hair styles that prevent breakage

Wear your hair natural, if thats to scary, try loose buns, loose braids, or maybe a style that doesn’t allow you to have to keep touching your hair to fix it.


Be nice and treat your hair with respect. Your hair will grow as your treat it.  Stop running your hands through your hair 24/7. Don’t let people touch your hair, hand oils are not good for your hair. Moisturize and seal. Don’t pull. Use a wide-tooth comb. Don’t brush your ends (it causes them to break). Start detangling from the bottom and work your way up. Don’t yank at knots in your hair! It’ll cause breakage. Don’t let your hair build up with too many products, it’s just gross and will not let it grow either! Be nice to your hair!!!!!!





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