5 Reassurance Bible Verses


God has been so good to me, He sure has! And sometimes, we forget how good He is to us. So good that He put an entire BOOK full of verses to remind us of His promises to us. To remind us to not worry.

The Bible is a wonderful place to go to when you worry too much. (Something I do TOO much of). Whether it’s about finances. Or relationships. Or His love to us! In fact, the Bible tells us to not be afraid 365 times. That is a constant, DAILY reminder to have faith in Him!

Lately, I’ve been going through a tough time myself, and I kept looking for reassurance through friends, family, and materialistic things. And sometimes it’s like that. We do that. We forget that we have an almighty God, an almighty One that is here watching over us. Protecting us. Fighting our battles. Keeping us strong.

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How I Met My Soulmate

So, a few of you have been asking the wonderful question of how I met Eric. And I’ve decided I would finally answer this question! It’s really not a long story at all. And, honestly, it’s an odd story too. But, it is unique to us and I am happy we met despite the  oddness of it all!

So it was sometime close to my 18th birthday in my Senior Year of High School, I had just been scrolling on Instagram looking at the stupid, funny pictures my girlfriends had posted from a party and came across a picture that some random guy (mind you, I don’t have a clue to when/why/how I even started following this fellow on the gram) had posted. I was just about to go delete him as a friend because I didn’t know who he was, when I read the comments. Another random guy had commented something on this picture and I felt the stupid, strong urge to respond with a witty comeback.

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Permanent Change of Station


So I’ve been MIA lately! There’s been a lot going on in my life. And as much as I’ve tried to keep up, I want to give a huge apology to my faithful readers (gosh, once again right?)! This isn’t going to be too long of post, I just want to catch you guys up!

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Making a Long Drive: The Key to Surviving Road Trips


I used to always hate road trips. Mostly because I would get sick, my body would get uncomfortable, and I just wanted to get out of the car already. But I have finally figured out a way to survive what I used to think were horrible road trips. Obviously road trips are always better with more than one person! You have someone to entertain you, and you can also switch out on driving to help each other out.

So recently, I moved to California from Washington state. We drove from Seattle all the way down to Los Angeles. It wasn’t my first road trip, I’ve made quite a few! Like from Boston to Orlando. From South Carolina to Mississippi. And a few other trips. But this trip just felt like the longest. And I learned a few good tips along the way that might help you if you are planning a road trip yourself.

So first thing is first:

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